Forum Instructions

The NAFA Forum module lets you create threaded discussion forums with functionality similar to other message board systems.  This will allow members to move extended conversations from the List-serv into a more engaging and secure environment. As a result, general guidelines will be developed and posted to assist with our understandings of different points of view.  

Forums are useful because they allow community members to discuss topics with one another while ensuring those conversations are archived for later reference. Topics, or threaded discussions, are posted into a forum.  Each topic is comprised of an initial post and replies or comments. Each forum topics have their own page. Multiple forums are often set up for different areas of discussion. Forums can also be placed inside other forums for a discussion area that is a subset of the parent forum. All forums will be listed on the the landing page.

At the moment, foundation reps do not have access to all of the forums, in this way advisers can speak to other advisers "off the Listserv." Foundation reps do have access to their respective scholarship or fellowship specific forum so that they may contribute to the conversation and/or correct any misleading or inncorrect information.

The following instructions will provide instructions for the following:

John Richardson (



It is not necessary to subscribe to the NAFA Forum to read existing messages or to make comments.  However, if you wish to receive notifications of new discussion topics and comments, and to fully engage in the discussions, it will be important for you to subscribe.

The first step is to go into your account.  It will be accessible on the top right corner of the website.


Once in your account, log into subscriptions and then move to the category or discussion group(s) that you wish to join.  

Scroll down and open for the 'Delivery of Notifications' and 'Settings'. This will ask you to organize the way you receive discussion and comments notifications.  Make sure that you save the selections prior to closing.



Choose the forum (Fulbright) and then the topic

Choose the topic you wish to join (Embark Issues)

You have the opportunity to reply to the comment on individual threads or to add a new comment.  You can reply in either plain text or rich text.  Rich text gives you the option of adding links, photos or other media styles.  It is found (red box) at the bottom left corner below the comment box. 



You will have the option of adding a new Forum topic from the Forum landing page or adding another topic to a discussion page already created (see second figure).  Mutiple topics are often set up for different areas of a dicussion.  In either case, you will link to the "+ Add new Forum topic"


The Add Forum topic links to the Create Forum topic page where you will create the first post of a new threaded discussion or thread. You will need to type in a subject and then select the menu thread to which it will be connected from the "select a value" window.