2nd Biennial NAFA Conference, Celebrating Traditions, Creating Strong Foundations, July 30 - Aug 2, 2003, Denver, CO

The 2nd Biennial NAFA Conference: "Celebrating Traditions, Creating Strong Foundations" was the theme of the 2003 conference. Once again NAFA was excited to offer a program that would inspire and help new and veteran advisers dedicated to helping their students competing for nationally competitive scholarships. Our presenters discussed popular topics from past conferences, along with new topics that had arisen in dialogues with members, all with the goal of making advising more effective. Also provided was the opportunity to interact with several Foundation representatives who gave added insight into specific application procedures and the "process" we value as our ultimate goal. All of this combined with Denver’s usual wonderful August weather should make summer planning/learning delightful and profitable.


  • Client: Denver
  • Date: July 2003